Our skilled technicians create custom implant restorations suitable for the most complex implant cases. We support 29 platforms of titanium custom abutments and 31 platforms of Zirconia custom abutments.

We partner with trusted implant companies to provide solutions that suit every indication.


Astra Tech Atlantis™ Custom Abutment

By combining esthetics, strength, precision, reliability and simplicity in one product, the Atlantis™ zirconia abutment delivers the ultimate esthetic solution to clinicians, labs and patients. Atlantis’ proprietary integrated design and manufacturing process provides a patient-specific, multi-platform zirconia abutment that needs no additional modification prior to placement.

AstraTech Atlantis Compatibility

AstraTech Atlantis™ Implant Guide

3i™ Encode™

Encode® Healing Abutments have codes embedded in the occlusal surface. These codes provide the information necessary for the ideal anatomical design of the final Encode abutment. Laser optical scanning interprets these codes off of the cast and enables the design of the appropriate abutment in CAD software. The result is one of the highest osseointegration rates for any implant system.

3i™ Encode™ Abutments Guide