Full Zirconia Combination

Porcelain combination crowns are essentially full contour zirconia that we use mainly on anteriors, but can be used anywhere in the mouth. Unlike porcelain fused to zirconia, they are not a full porcelain build-up, but exhibit the same aesthetics with much more strength. Essentially, the anterior is lightly facially cut back in the computer design.

A very light zirconia opal porcelain is overlayed on the facial. There is no high gold cost. Combination crowns are 100% biocompatible, and we ONLY use the highest quality medical grade zirconia available (1300mpa). The crowns have high translucency, razor sharp margins, and amazing contour, anatomy, and shades.


We internally sinter shades with our own special coloring technique. We have 16 Classic and 32 3-D Vita shades.